Want to study the Bible with your kids but feel intimidated with where to begin, how to stay consistent, or how to help your kids apply it in their lives?

With a simple step-by-step plan, you really can begin to nurture a lifetime of faith & a love for God's Word in your children.

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What if it was easy to regularly study the Bible with your kids?

Let's be honest. We're living in a time that feels like it's getting crazier by the moment.

As faith-filled mamas, we deeply want to equip our kids with a strong faith that will keep them rooted in a chaotic world.

But even our own little worlds feel hectic.

Between carpools, soccer practice, dance rehearsals, homework, cooking meals, last-minute science projects, and all the piles of laundry, the idea of setting aside time (when you AND your kids are free) to do a regular Bible study doesn't just sound unrealistic, it sounds downright intimidating.

In the midst of the busyness, it often feels so much easier to turn to a "quick snack" of a devotional book to tide us over rather than crack open our Bibles and feast on the words penned by the Bread of Life Himself.

But often, there's more than just time & busyness holding us back.

Even though raising our kids to know & love God is on the forefront of our minds, we often let the back of our minds take over...

...where do I even start with studying the Bible?

...how do I get my kids to cooperate & engage with it?

...will they get frustrated and resent reading it?

...can I actually be consistent with this?

...I don't even understand everything I read...how in the world am I going to help THEM understand it?

As a fellow mom, I get it. Those were all concerns of mine, too.

But then I remembered that the God I hope and pray my kids will know, is the very same God who wants to be known -- and He'll be with me every step of the way.

You don't have to have this all figured out. You don't have to have all the answers. You already have what it takes. The God who uniquely formed each of your children is the same God who uniquely and intentionally crafted you to be their mother & help them to know Him.

Ready to discover that studying the Bible with your children CAN be simple, engaging, AND fun?!

Mama, you've got the heart for studying the Bible with your kids.

Now, you just need a plan you can stick with, and one you AND your kids actually enjoy.


A simple + sustainable monthly Bible reading plan to help moms & their kids (of all ages!) connect regularly in God's Word.

ScriptSub will make developing a Bible study routine with your kids feel simple and approachable...without the stress of knowing where to start, what to pray, and how to apply God's Word in our lives.

With ScriptSub, each month you'll be able to:

  • Easily spend quality moments in God's Word with your kids with done-for-you themed weekly Bible reading plans that take just 5-15 minutes per day + activities to keep little (and big!) hands busy so minds can focus.
  • Connect with each other and help your Bible reading "stick" with meaningful questions that encourage discussion and reflection.
  • Develop a more purposeful prayer life with prompts that help you apply your daily readings & inspire unique and thoughtful prayers.
  • Cultivate a habit of LIVING OUT God's Word with your kids with doable + impactful ideas for how to connect what you're reading in Scripture with your everyday life! (<< This might be our favorite part!)

As a team of fellow faith-filled moms behind all of the resources in Script Sub, we can't WAIT to make it easier for you to do the hardest (and most rewarding!) job you'll ever do: discipling your children to know & love God & His Word!

For just a sliver of your day and for only $12/month, you can make a priceless investment into your children's relationship with God!

I'm feeling super motivated this morning to actually stick with a plan for my kiddos. This seems sustainable and straight forward. Very excited!

- Jaimie T.

What would life be like if you & your kids regularly spent time in God's Word together?

What would it be like to build your relationship with them by studying the Bible together?

To have meaningful conversations about what God is doing in your lives and how He is working?

To have a prayer life with them that feels fresh and abundant, rather than rushed and repetitive?

What if your kids grew to actually understand the Bible as the living and active Word that it is, rather than just an "old book" that doesn't seem to have much relevance today?

What would it be like if they grew to love and cherish the Word of God, and you saw their lives produce abundant fruit as a result?

Can you imagine the impact that would have, not only on their lives (and yours!), but on the countless lives of those they influence?

Mama, every abundant fruit tree starts from a seed.

And every time you sit down to open God's Word and talk about it with them, you're planting and watering those seeds.

Even though the world might tell us otherwise, our kids are hungry for the Truth. They're hungry to know why they matter, what purpose they have, and how they're supposed to navigate this thing called life.

And we, fellow Mama, want to help you plant & water those seeds of Truth in their life.

Just like any other habit, a Bible study routine has to be practiced. And, just like any other habit, building it and staying consistent with it is MUCH easier when you have a plan.

Take it from us and all the other moms we've talked to in our community: having a plan prepped for us makes it 100% more likely that we'll open the Bible and read it with our kids.

ScriptSub provides you with the plan you need to develop that habit.

  • No more struggling with where to start.
  • No more cranky kids (or cranky mom 😬) frustrated with trying to study the Bible together.
  • No more overwhelm with figuring out how to apply your reading into your daily life.

Mama, you pour yourself into nurturing your kids in every other aspect of life. Let us give you some helpful tools to nurture their faith in real, meaningful, long-lasting ways.

Discipleship starts with just a few minutes per day.

We know that discipling your kids is a way of life. We totally get that it's not just a quick task that you can simply check off your list.

But it really does start with a tiny investment of your time.

In less than 15 minutes per day - whether you do your Bible reading & discussion with your kids at the breakfast table before school, at the dinner table, before bed, or perhaps even while you're folding laundry or drying dishes - you can literally change the lives of your children.

Here's what you'll love about ScriptSub:

The daily Bible readings are focused and manageable. Each week focuses on a new theme (such as the miracles of Jesus...) and takes only about 5-15 minutes to read aloud together. Use the corresponding printable activities/coloring pages to keep hands busy & minds engaged during the reading!

The prayer prompts & suggestions directly correlate with your daily reading. You & your kids can very easily develop a habit of praying God's Word and keep your prayer life fresh and vibrant.

Not only will you get daily discussion questions to really help your kids think about what the Bible says, we'll also equip you with simple ideas of how you can weave the themes of your readings into your daily lives. Your kids will really begin to see how God's Word is TRULY "living and active!"

Our hope is that you & your kids will not only develop a habit & love of studying God's Word together, but that your family will see more clearly how God is working in your lives and in the lives of those around you.

My kids are loving the assortment of coloring pages they can work on while we read and talk together. With a 2, 4 and 7 year old most of the discussion is with the eldest but the others are engaging God’s word so I’m happy! And my daughter has been so motivated to memorize, it is so precious to see her working on it at other times during the day on her own! Plus, I’ve also found her reading the Bible at other times...she’s at the age of peak curiosity and is like a sponge.

– Jenny C

Here's what you'll get inside ScriptSub:

As we develop the resources in ScriptSub each month, we're committed to providing meaningful resources that you & your kids LOVE so that everyone looks forward to & gets EXCITED about reading God's Word!

Here's what you'll get each month:

  • 4 weeks of Bible reading plans, with each week focusing on one theme in Scripture. Each week includes a 5-day reading plan, giving you 2 days "off" each week to catch up or take a break.
  • 4 Scripture memory cards (one for each week) that correspond with the weekly themes.
  • Thoughtful discussion questions for every single reading passage to help you and your kids weave the Bible stories into the stories of your own lives, and to really think about what the Scripture is saying and how God might be speaking to you. We don't just want to help you read the Word, we want to help you live it!
  • Unique prayer prompts that help you and your kids avoid the rut of repetitive prayers and develop a more meaningful prayer life...together! The prompts are intentionally written to help you & your kids apply what you've read that day.
  • Bible coloring & activity sheets to help keep little hands (and big kid & kid-at-heart hands!) occupied while listening to you read the daily passage aloud
  • Phone lock screens to help you easily keep track of your weekly Bible reading plan & memory verse
  • Extension Ideas including numerous EASY ways you can extend your readings into your daily lives

We've intentionally crafted these resources with ONE goal in mind: to make getting in the Word together simple and sustainable for you and your kids.

Well, ok, we have another goal, too: to make Bible study and discipleship engaging & FUN!

Ready to get started?!

Let's take a closer look at how each of these monthly resources will help you & your kids consistently study God's Word together.

We don't just want to help you & your kids develop a strong relationship with the Lord through your study, we also want to help you develop stronger relationships with each other!

Here's a closer look at what you'll receive each month:

4 Weekly Bible Reading Plans

Each month's Bible reading plan follows a specific theme. Sometimes the theme is a specific book of the Bible, sometimes it's a specific topic, and other times, it's portions of a Bible book. For example, May's theme was "Snapshots of Jesus," with readings from the Gospels. June's theme comes from readings In the book of Acts.

Each theme, and the Scripture passages, discussion questions, prayer prompts, and all of the extra activities are carefully and prayerfully selected to help us read the Word, talk about the Word, apply the Word, and be changed by the Word!

With each week's Bible reading plan, you'll get:

  • Designated Bible passages to read (these can be anywhere from a 5-20ish verses)
  • A Bible memory verse
  • Daily discussion questions and prayer prompts

4 Scripture Memory Cards

Each week, you'll have one new memory verse that relates to your Bible reading plan. (Just think about how many Scriptures you and your kids will have tucked into your minds after doing this week after week!)

These printable cards help make it even easier for you & your kids to memorize your weekly Bible verse. Simply print the cards, cut them out, and use one per week to help you & your family memorize the passage and hide God's Word in your heart.

What a joy it is to hear little (and big!) voices recite and treasure the very Word of God!

Doodle-Style Coloring & Activity Pages

Sometimes little ears can listen more attentively when their hands are busy. And let's be honest, sometimes that's true for big people, too!

Each month, you'll receive a fresh set of printable pages that correspond with your weekly Bible study themes. Print as many copies as you'd like & use them over and over as you're reading the passages, discussing the questions, and connecting together over your daily reading.

Here are the types of pages you'll get:

  • Coloring pages with Scriptures
  • Doodle-style coloring pages
  • Bible-themed activity pages

Lock Screens with Weekly Bible Reading Plans & Memory Verses

Use these lock screens for easy reference!

Each month, you'll get 8 new ones - 2 for each week:

  • One with your weekly memory verse
  • One with your weekly Bible reading plan

Choose whichever one would be most helpful to you!

Extension Ideas

Studying your Bible doesn't have to start and stop during your daily readings! We want to help you and your children think about and implement God's Word in your daily life, so we'll compile a simple + doable + FUN list of ideas to keep the conversation going!

Here's just some of the inspiration you'll get each month:

  • Craft ideas
  • Interactive activities
  • Tips for exploring God with nature
  • Links to relevant videos & songs for supplemental teaching

There's no better time than NOW to start investing in God's Word with your kids!

I really like that this is flexible...being able to choose the days we get to do this with our kids. Smart! We have so many activities during the week and I love the idea of making this a priority. I like to read a devotional in the morning at the breakfast table before school. This will fit in perfectly with that but also we can use this in the car on the way to baseball practice!

- Martha E.

And, in addition to ALL the amazing resources in ScriptSub, you'll also get some AMAZING bonuses!

Can I get an amen & a hallelujah?!

Just when you thought it couldn't get any better, when you join ScriptSub today, you'll also get $24 worth of FREE bonuses!

Here's a look at the bonuses you'll get:

Bonus #1: 20 Creative Ways - $12 value
(10 Creative Ways to Read the Bible & 10 Creative Ways to Pray with Your Kids)

Who said studying your Bible and praying had to be boring & repetitive?!

We took some cues from God Himself and got CREATIVE with inspiration for how you can shake things up & have fun with different ways to read your Bible & pray with your kids.

We hope these will help you develop an even richer and more vibrant faith life with your kids!

Bonus #2: 20 Fun Ways to Practice Your Bible Memory Verse - $4 value

Does it always feel like you're pulling teeth when you're trying to memorize Scripture with your kids?

We're sharing 20 FUN ways for you & your kids to memorize Bible verses & hide them in your hearts.

HINT: Making it fun also helps the memorization STICK!

Bonus #3: Prayer & Scripture Logs - $8 value

With these printable logs, you can easily take note of verses you're memorizing and prayers you want to remember.

Keep track of:

  • The Scriptures you've memorized
  • Your prayer list
  • Notes on verses you've memorized
  • Your favorite Scriptures

Get these helpful bonuses for FREE when you join ScriptSub today!

We LOVE the fill in the blank prayer requests. So great for application!!!

- Elizabeth C   

ScriptSub is perfect for any mom who wants to spend time in God's Word with her kids.

Whether you're a mom who regularly studies the Bible for herself, or a mom who feels intimidated to crack it open...

Whether your kids are homeschooled, in public schools, or private schools...

Whether your kids are big, little, or somewhere in between...

Whether you work part time, full time, outside of the home, or in it...

...if you have a heart to study the Bible and help your children do the same, ScriptSub is for YOU.

Meet the Mama behind the heart of ScriptSub

I'm the founder of FaithfulMoms.org, creator of the Faithful Life Planner, and the originator of ScriptSub!! I believe with all my heart that Jesus transforms lives, and I want you and your kids to experience the life-changing power of walking with Jesus!

I don't think we're ever too old or too young to encounter Jesus, and I also believe that one of the best ways to get to know Jesus, is through his Word, the Bible.

I have a deep passion for helping moms get into the Word with their kids.

Maybe it's because of the way God used the Scriptures to draw my heart close to him, even when I was a little girl living in tumultuous circumstances. I loved the Word of God early because of the influence of my grandparents, and I developed a rich prayer life, early, because of the way my grandma prayed with me! Even today, the Holy Spirit regularly encourages me with passages of Scripture I read or memorized as a little girl!

Or maybe it's because God continues to deeply use his Word in my heart and life today, decades later! It's amazing to me how God continues to bring fruit in my life from the seeds of Truth planted so long ago.

As a mom, I want that so much for my kids, too.

Because of my love for Jesus and his Word AND with my background in teaching and children's ministry, I imagined that faith talks and time in the Word and prayer with my four kids would feel a bit like heaven on earth, complete with angels singing Hallelujah all around us and rainbows painting the sky. (I'm only partially exaggerating. 😅 Yep, I'm an idealist!).

Let me tell you, that is NOT how it went.

When my kids resisted, complained, threw tantrums, or flat out refused "family devotions," I felt especially defeated. Like so many of you, feelings of overwhelm and frustration discouraged me. I realized I didn't know how to effectively invite my kids into the Scriptures -- or how to get the truth of God's Word to sink.in!

Through much prayer and trial and error, trying out LOTS of different ideas with my kids, we found a plan that really works. That's how ScriptSub was born! This is something we wanted and needed!

I created these resources for my family, and now I want to share them with all of you through ScriptSub, so that getting in the Word with your kids can be simple, sustainable, and soooo much easier!

So what do you say? Ready to give it a shot? I'd absolutely love for you to join us as we dive into the Word with our kids!

How does ScriptSub work?

Once you purchase access to ScriptSub, the process of using the resources is as easy as 1-2-3!

Print as many of the resources as you need each month! (Especially the coloring & activity pages - print multiple copies of them for your kiddos & use them multiple times throughout the month!)

Reading passages + discussion questions take anywhere from 5-15 minutes per day. After you read, use the discussion questions & prayer prompts & take a few moments to connect with God & each other.

We don't just want to help you read the Word, we want to help you live it! The discussion questions + extension ideas will help you & your kids develop a habit of seeing the Scriptures come alive throughout your days!

Check out what other happy mamas have to say about ScriptSub:

Have some questions?

What's in this for me?

That's a great question! Not only will you get a month-long Bible reading plan (each passage carefully + prayerfully picked with kids in mind), you'll also receive daily prayer prompts and discussion questions, carefully crafted to get at the heart of each passage. We also include weekly extension ideas, weekly Bible memory verses, phone lock screens, coloring sheets and passage-specific activities!

What's the time commitment?

The Bible reading plan is a 5-day plan, and while the Scripture passages vary in length, the average time it takes to read the Bible selections is about 7 minutes. Coloring + activity sheets are also included in the subscription to help keep little hands busy so that little ears can listen more attentively! We suggest allocating about 15 minutes to read, discuss, and pray together.

Can't I just open the Bible and read it with my kids?

Of course, you can! We've just found that in our own families (and we've heard from MANY in our community) that having a plan prepped for us makes it 100% more likely that we'll open the Bible and read it with our kids.

Our goal is to make this simple and sustainable for you. We want to take out the guesswork and eliminate the overwhelm. PLUS we want to provide meaningful questions and engaging activities so that your kids and ours LOVE (aka ask + get excited about // look forward to // don't dread) reading God's Word!!

Can I give ScriptSub as a gift?

You bet! Simply click here to purchase one month of ScriptSub as a gift. You'll receive an e-mail with a gift coupon for your friend. Simply forward that e-mail to your friend so they can redeem their one month of ScriptSub!

What age group is this resource geared toward?

Our goal is that these resources will work with kids of all ages. God's Word is powerful and active whether you're 3 or 93! In our Beta Group, we had moms with 2 year olds up to 17 year olds using these resources!

There will always been some slight adaptations necessary to your age of kids, family expereicnes, and season of life, but we've worked hard to keep Scripture passages manageable, discussion questions + prayer prompts applicable, and activities accessible for little or big kids (or kids at heart!).

Is this something I have to pay for every month?

Maybe. ;) If you love the subscription and want to continue to receive monthly Bible reading plans and all of the extras, yes, you will need to pay every month. Not only will you receive all of these amazing, monthly resources to help nurture faith in your kids, but now is always the best time to subscribe so that you lock in the current pricing, which, as long as you remain a member in good standing, you'll keep even when the price goes up!

If you decide for whatever reason that this subscription isn't a good fit for you or your kids, simply cancel in your member portal before the end of your current billing cycle.

What Scripture version are you using?

You can use any Scripture translation you choose for the daily Bible reading and Scripture memory! For our Scripture coloring pages, Bible memory worksheets, and memory cards + lock screens for your phone, we use the NIV translation. 

Are you ready to ENJOY studying the Bible with your kids?

Remember mama:

You don't need to be a theologian or a Bible scholar to study the Bible with your kids.

Your kids don't need to be silent & still little angels for hours on end in order to soak up the rich teachings from God's Word.

You CAN learn how to study God's Word and help your kids see Scripture at work in their daily lives.

You just need to have a heart for God's Word, a heart for training up your children, a Bible in hand, and...

a good plan! 😊

One more time, here's EVERYTHING you get each month when you purchase ScriptSub:

  • 4 weeks of 5-day themed Bible reading plans
  • 4 Scripture memory cards
  • Thoughtful discussion questions for every single reading passage
  • Unique prayer prompts
  • Bible coloring & activity sheets
  • Phone lock screens
  • Extension Ideas
  • BONUS #1: 20 Creative Ways (10 Creative Ways to Study the Bible & 10 Creative Ways to Pray with Your Kids) - $12 value
  • BONUS #2: 20 Creative Ways to Practice Your Bible Memory Verse - $4 value
  • BONUS #3: Prayer & Scripture Logs - $8 value

Join now for only $12/month & start your Bible study journey today!

Want to give ScriptSub as a gift?

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To GIFT ScriptSub to a friend or loved one, simply click here and complete the checkout. You will then receive an e-mail with a gift code. Forward that e-mail to your friend so they can redeem their month of ScriptSub!